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Do you find yourself covering your arms to hide excess fat or loose skin in the upper arm area? Do you search for clothing that will minimize your arm exposure, even in the summer months? Many men and women find themselves struggling with the appearance of their arms. Whether it may be from being overweight or losing weight, 老化或者只是基因, having an upper arm area that is too full or that contains too much loose skin can be an issue for some. Your arms are part of your body that gets shown frequently, so it’s no wonder that chubby or flabby upper arms are a common source of embarrassment for some men and women.

An arm lift is a body contouring procedure to create fit, firm upper arms. If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, chances are you were left with excess skin that droops and sags. An arm lift can give you the toned, slim-looking arms you desire.

Here at 沙巴体育登入首页, we provide some of the 最好的手臂举起斯科茨代尔 必须提供.


You are a good candidate for an arm lift if you have excess fat or excess skin that hangs from your upper arms. 年龄, 体重增加或减少, or genetics can influence the shape of your body and in many cases, no amount of exercise will completely restore the firm, 运动, youthful appearance to your arms – it requires a surgical procedure.

If a loss of elasticity and relaxed skin is preventing you from confidently showing them off, an arm lift may be the answer to your problem. For those who have very full arms from excess fat, the combination of 抽脂术 还可以进行臂举.

If you are interested in getting and 在斯科茨代尔举起手臂 and 凤凰城 areas, rest assured that the doctors at 沙巴体育登入首页 are second to none.


Your arm lift will be completed by one of our board-certified plastic surgeons and once healed you will notice incredible, 永久的利益.*


  • A reduction of hanging excess skin on your upper arms to create a more desirable, trim look
  • 改善手臂的形状
  • More attractive arm contour, free from excess skin and tissue
  • Better size, proportion and balance
  • Ability to wear sleeveless clothing with confidence with your arms looking fit and firm
  • Improved overall confidence in your body image

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理解 过程

在抬臂过程中, 在凤凰城演出, 斯科茨代尔, 吉尔伯特办公室, your surgeon will first mark where the incision will be made. Generally, a long incision will run from your armpit to your elbow on the inside portion of your arm. 在某些情况下, an arm lift may involve a shorter incision and for those with significant excess skin the arm lift incision can be connected to the breast lift or bra line back lift incision. Every effort is made to place the incision in the least conspicuous area, so the scar is hidden beneath your arm.

Your arm lift will be performed under general anesthesia. 也会使用麻醉药物, which reduces bruising and helps with discomfort following surgery. A typical arm lift will take an hour or two, depending on the extent of the corrections needed.

After the procedure, it is normal to experience some discomfort, along with swelling and bruising. This, however, is usually fairly low and most patients take little if any pain medication. Any lingering pain is easily managed with prescription medication and usually resolves within the first week. This is your body’s natural way of healing itself. Compression garments will help to minimize swelling and aid with proper blood circulation.

The recovery period after an arm lift procedure involves getting plenty of rest and gently caring for your arms. Do not attempt any heavy lifting or physical activity until you are cleared by our surgeons. It is important to follow your aftercare instructions, and to use your arms and body very gently, particularly in the early stages of recovery. Keeping your arms elevated is also very useful.

Fortunately, we deliver some of the best 手臂电梯凤凰 必须提供, and sagging arm skin is a thing of the past.

为什么选择亚利桑那 审美的同事, 你的手臂举起?

Selecting the right plastic surgeon is the most important aspect of any procedure. 沙巴体育正规网址, our board-certified plastic surgeons have a reputation for excellence, and are known throughout the community for using cutting edge techniques and technology and achieving consistently beautiful and natural results.*

With private, luxury clinics in both 凤凰城, 斯科茨代尔, and Gilbert 亚利桑那州, Dr. 安德烈斯博士和. Repta, and the entire staff at 沙巴体育登入首页 are skilled professionals who care about you, 作为一个个体. We focus on performing arm lift surgery with meticulous care and attention to detail. Our goal is to is to provide you with the individualized care you deserve. 如果你想要更比例的, 更坚定的, 和有吸引力的武器, we are here to help you achieve your goal.

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